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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Understanding of Telenovela Production

The production process of telenovelas is very complex. When watching, we don't see how much time and effort is put into each and every episode. Everyone on set serves a purpose from the actors, to the director, to the "script". Not to be confused with the actual script, the "script" is a person that is responsible for making sure that there are no discrepancies from one scene to another especially when they are continuations of one another. After watching the clips that our professor shot from behind the scenes that showed the inner workings of each scene, I was taken back to this summer when I was on set of the second Drumline movie. There were a lot of similarities, like the different camera types and angles that the scenes were being shot from. I also remember the back and forth, and the pressure on the actors to get it right. I was actually in the band, so I remember having to stand in the hot sun for hours as we shot the scenes over and over in full uniform. We also dealt with twelve to fifteen hour days that sometimes put us on a nocturnal schedule. I think that this experience helped me to understand the production of telenovelas better.

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  1. I would definitely agree with you on your point that the process of the production of telenovelas is very complex. Often times I get lost in the show that I'm watching. My mind won't even think about how exactly the show is being made, but understanding how strenuous that process is has caused me to appreciate the show so much more. It has also caused me to gain a great deal of respect for everyone involved in the making of the show, even the actors, who appear to have it the easiest, work just as hard as everybody else.