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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Just as I explained in my previous blog, I was extremely excited to being watching the show that I had chosen. After watching a couples shows, I am extremely intrigued at how they were able to do everything that they did. You can tell that there is just so much effort and work put into the production of all these shows. The best part about watching the telenovelas is that I can see a lot of similarities between them and American shows. Especially with my show, Los Miserables, it appears very modernly done, which I would say is how most American TV shows are done. This show looks as if it is just straight out of hollywood, which I really enjoy seeing in a show that isn't form America. I would even go as far to say that Los Miserables does a better job than any similar show made in hollywood.

My favorite part about watching this telenovela is seeing how well they incorporate all of the drama into their show. Not only is it scripted well, but the actors are so professional in acting everything out. It's extremely impressive to me and I'm ecstatic to watch even more of this show.

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