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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Production of Telenovelas

Exactly what I expected! Telenovelas production is described in detail in the magazine article from Hispanic Executive Magazine. This articles tells about how popular telenovelas have become especially because of growing diversity in the telenovela industry. This interesting article also provides a timeline of how telenovelas are made with plenty of preparation. From 2-3 months of scripting then 6 months of filming followed by actually air time, THEN all of the following can be changed or re-casted due to the popularity or non-popularity of the telenovelas most of the time to make plenty of money. We learn about what's in the telenovelas, but actually learning about the production, casting, and airing of the telenovelas is what is uniquely interesting to me. All of this to say that these actors put a lot of time and effort into their series to sometimes just be cut off or hated by the public.

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  1. Thinking about how much effort is put into making a telenovela and then also knowing that some shows/actors are disliked after the fact is something that I haven't really thought about before. After knowing how much work goes into making a show, even if it turns out to be very average, I now will still have a good bit of respect for it and for everyone who worked hard to produce it. The hate that some people openly express towards the show/producers/actors/etc. honestly makes me pity those people because of their lack of understanding. If everyone would take a step back and think about these things, then I'm sure they would have some respect for it too.