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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Telenovela Production

When the audience watches a telenovela, no one really thinks about all of the work done behind the scenes. The process of getting the telenovela aired is not something the audience thinks about. There are so many people that invest a lot of time and money into the making of one telenovela. This process is much like an entrepreneurship. These people are making these investments not knowing the outcome. The telenovela may end up being super successful, spreading to other countries and becoming a world-recognized telenovela or it could end up failing miserably. Everything is up to the opinions of the audience. I think that's such a hard job for scriptwriters and casting directors. They have to put themselves in the position or perspective of the audience and figure out exactly what the audience wants. In order to do this, they do extra behind the scene research on the internet, looking at popular opinions on rising stars or best plots. I think it's really hard for scriptwriters to create a unique storyline that will not bore the audience because there is such a wide variety of telenovelas. They have to make sure that it's not the same as another telenovela because it might more the audience. There is so much work put into making just one episode of a telenovela and no one realizes that while watching the program. The risk that these people take in order to entertain the people is amazing. They could end up losing more than they gain, but they take the risk anyways because they want to ensure a telenovela that can be 5 star entertainment. That is so brave and I applaud all of the behind the scene workers for their hard work in establishing such amazing telenovelas.

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