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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Abismo de Pasion or Canaveral de Pasiones?

After learning about different aspects of producing a telenovela, I became curious about the production process of the telenovela that I am currently watching (Abismo de Pasion). Thus, I began researching more about this particular telenovela and how and why it was created. I also began to observe different areas within the telenovela itself, such as the variety of music and settings.

Abismo de Pasion is a Mexican telenovela that is actually a remake of Canaveral de Pasiones, and both of these telenovelas are based on the two novels, Una Sombra Entre Los Dos and Al Pie Del Altar, written by Caridad Bravo Adams. It was also aired in Brazil as Canavial de Paixoes and in Italy as Amante. Though the names of the characters are different in Canaveral de Pasiones and its remake, Abismo de Pasion, I discovered that the story lines and character developments are almost the same. The ratings and amount of awards won for each of these telenovelas did not even differ much.

Abismo de Pasion almost always includes some sort of music to match the mood of each particular scene. Whether it is intense and loud music in the foreground or a soft, background tune, music is quite prominent. Some scenes also change so abruptly that it is quite apparent that there was indeed a scene change. When this happens, I have wondered as to whether or not certain scenes were removed, thus making the transitions a bit sharp. Perhaps scenes were not deleted but the funding for this telenovela was being highly regulated. Or maybe even the telenovela itself was being regulated by the government, and certain scenes had to be removed before the it could be broadcast. Though my research ran dry in this particular area, it was quite interesting to learn about the origin of Abismo de Pasion and to know that there are other telenovelas similar to it.

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