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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

By being Latino I have seen a lot of Telenovelas throughout my life. I have seen Mexican, Columbian and even some Venezuelan productions that have been shown on United States television. I have many favorites and although most of the telenovelas follow a similar story, they each have their own twist on characters. Some remakes of famous telenovelas become just as popular as their predecessor because of small changes in certain characters. For example in Betty La Fea and La Fea Mas Bella, Don Fernando, the main protagonist, is seen as a more serious man in the Columbian original while in the Mexican remake he has a sense of humor that made him a favorite among the public. Because of this, I enjoy watching the originals and the remakes to compare certain characters and to see who closely the remake mimics the original. If your telenovela has a remake, compare and contrast certain characters to see the overall difference in popularity in both telenovelas. 

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  1. Although I haven't seen a variation of telenovelas, I feel like telenovelas are similar to Korean dramas. In that sense, I am able to relate with you when you say you like to compare the original to the spin offs. A lot of Korean dramas tend to have the same elements and plots as telenovelas. I think it's interesting comparing the different characters and the overall outcome of Korean dramas and telenovelas.