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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Its a pattern

The experience and the knowledge that I gained during this course was very eye opening. And using that newly acquired knowledge, I began to understand the rhythm of a telenovela. Most telenovelas follow a similar story, the classical Romeo and Juliet, or the classic fairy tales. The rhythm isn’t only for the telenovela as a whole but also individual relationships between characters. With this reoccurring pattern we can learn the telenovela and try to foreshadow how the events will happen instead of what event will happen. Since this reoccurrence is seen throughout most telenovelas, the only way that each can distinguish themselves is through the hows; the how did certain events happen since most events are similar. This is what distinguishes the good remakes from the bad ones. The interest of the views is focused on how the producer will make the remake unique and at the same time how loyal they are to the original production. It fascinates me because every next scene is a total mystery yet a ghost at the same time. 

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  1. I experienced this same level of fascination! The telenovela that I chose to watch incorporated both a Cinderella story along with characteristics of the classic Romeo and Juliet. It didn't take me long to realize that, unlike these typical tales where the main plot is observed and the happy ending revolves only around the main two characters, the telenovela incorporated several different subplots following the same themes within the larger plot. As a remake, I believe that this is quite an important element to include in order for the telenovela to be as successful as its original. However, it still amazes me that a remake of telenovela can be just as successful as its original or it can be absolutely terrible compared to its original. I suppose it just depends on what the viewers want and the production process of the telenovela.