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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Telenovela

My telenovela is developing at a very fast rate. So much has happened in the first few episodes, it's kinda hard to keep up. It has my attention though so that's good. I hate the protagonist's brother. He's too jealous and immature. It really gets on my nerves. The mother is really mean too but I think she means well. I honestly think the protagonist is too naive and she's going to find a lot more trouble than she already has encountered. I hope the best for her in the end.
Today in class, I thought it was lame how some telenovelas had completely ripped off other successful television shows. There was no originality. I also thought it was corny how in the end of some telenovelas, the term "Fin" would actually show on the screen.

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  1. My telenovela as well has developed at a very fast rate. Within the first five episodes of my show, the main character, Anastasia, has already killed off her husband who has betrayed her and had left her alone to die in a drug war. Instead of letting him walk all over her, she gets revenge and kills him. The telenovela has continued to move rapidly in every episode, leading the audience with a cliff hanger, wanting more. I personally like how the end says "Fin" and I don't think it's that corny. It's traditional, and that's the way that stories were told as a child. I hope that the protagonists brother has matured. People in telenovelas have to be mean in order to keep it interesting, otherwise why would an audience want to invest their time into something where everything is perfect?