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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FYOS Entry 2

FYOS Entry

   My view to Telenovelas

            Whatever Television and movies have a very important introduction in the starts of the stories. It may display the events to attract the audiences at the first or telling what about the stories’ background. Anyway, they are trying to tell what ‘s going on in a very small part through the whole stories. Telenovelas did the same as the television and movies. When I choose one of Telenovelas The family Next Door as my final project to watch and analysis.

            The Family Next Door shows to me a great conspiracy in the first episode as I think.  An Unbelievable wedding is happening to the man Grozalo Ibanez who just married a pretty widow Ignacia, her ex-husband was died not long for an “Accident”. The old gardener as insider is murdered after he was trying to tell Grozalo everything about Leonardo, a man has the secret lives with Grozalo and Ignacia keeps the secrets from Grozalo to take care of her brother in law Leonardo, because Leonardo is a disabled. Grozalo was the last person who knew the Leonardo until wedding. Not only conspiracy shows up on the first time, but also complicated relationship displayed in the first episode: Ignacia betray her new husband, and seems like the third man and Ignacia bound before the Wedding, a friendly neighbor Janier Ruiz is Grozalo’s competitors in the job, and Janier Ruiz’s wife Pilar Echenque is willing to help Grozalo to find out the cause of concerning Ignacia’ s ex-husband death. During the searching, Pilar maybe adores Grozalo. So far there are a lot of information: that is interested me and I just can’t wait to see the end of this story. And how will the every characters going? It attracts audience successfully as a successful story. 

            Audience loves drama, and every detail in the teleplay shows more, which means it would more harmony with the real life. When the dramatic comes up, people are more likely to enjoying instead confusing why it happened. Even audiences are willing to believe that really happening in the world at the same times.                   

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