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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FYOS entry 3

How The Background Music help me understanding in Telenovelas
When I watching Telenovelas, I am not clear know what they say in the shot. I did not have any idea to listen and understand clearly from listening the Spanish, I never learn Spanish. English subtitles are really helps me to understand what is going on. In order to analysis the character’s personality, sometimes I repeat to listening the character saying over and over again, trying to find what is the character like from his or her reactions. After watch through all of them, I can know the relationship between the characters. But sometime we could fast know the character’s like and what is going on by the background music. When something bad happened or bad character are planning something, the background music usually performs evil, makes audience uncomfortable. If we only listen the background music, we could find it is negative feelings surround us. Music and the picture are more specific demonstrated the details on story telling. So, some shot just have pictures and music without any spoken language, are perfectly telling the character’s emotions. Even my first language is not English, understanding what happening at the first sight, is bad things or good thing are basic on what the music sound like.        

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  1. I agree with this! After turning off the closed captions, I realized a significant difference while watching. Since I don't know what the characters are saying, I resort to their facial expression or I depend on the change of music in the background.