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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Abismo de Pasion"

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, not only was I intrigued by telenovelas, but I could not wait to begin watching one and experiencing the 'magic' for myself. Even after learning so much and knowing what to expect when it comes to telenovelas, I still had not fully grasped the amount of emotion portrayed and the amount of emphasized passion that I would encounter while watching one. When a character cries, it is a deep and heartfelt sob. When a character is angry, a boisterous voice is heard and objects are sometimes seen flying across the room. When a character is loving, it is almost as if the viewer can feel the warmth of that character radiating from the TV.

I am only so far into Abismo de Pasion, and I am mesmerized by the constant and abrupt changes seen in each character as well as in each situation. The protagonists and antagonists have not been hard to distinguish between and each have particular characteristics that add to the excitement of the telenovela. Augusto Castanon and Alfonsina Mondragon are the two prominent protagonists of this telenovela, and each show signs of suffering, heartbreak and heartache, and despair. Carmina Castanon, Augusto's sister-in-law, is the most established antagonist that I have seen so far in this telenovela. Very beautiful but very deceptive, she has created many quarrels and much strife between other characters. Initially, one might feel pity for the 'other woman' in the situation, knowing that, in the end, she will remain alone. However, Carmina's evil characteristics of betrayal and deceit allow no room for sympathy.

I am thoroughly enjoying watching Abismo de Pasion, and I cannot wait to see how this particular telenovela unfolds. There have already been deaths, separations, tears, and lies, and I am hoping for a much-needed happy ending.

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  1. I agree with you! I've always thought of telenovelas as being very similar to soap operas but after learning a little bit about them through this class and seeing how popular they were, I couldn't wait to start watching mine either. I'm also the same way when it comes to when the character cries/is angry/happy. I always get to the point where I feel like my life is theirs and I'm living vicariously through their life! Our telenovelas (mine is Marimar) seem very similar in that the protagonists and antagonists are not hard to distinguish and both show signs of suffering and heartbreak. Also the antagonist in this is very deceptive and creates many barrels for the characters and makes it hard for their love to carry on!