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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Production of the Telenovela

Taking everything that we learned from class, I really focused on all that went into the telenovela that I was researching. Before I chose my telenovela, I researched on the internet the most popular telenovelas and ones that had good reviews. This is a huge part in the telenovela production: if it successful or not. Because if it isn't, then the producers have to make a character "die" or change the characters so that the audience likes the telenovela. I also found it interesting how Miramar got such good reviews and watched all over even though it was produced in Mexico.
When I first started watching Marimar, you could immediately see the typical, melodramatic storyline of a poor, beautiful girl and a rich, attractive guy. Right from the first episode of this telenovela, I was able to see that there was going to be a feud between Marimar, and Sergio (the boy) because of their different levels of "society's hierarchy." I'm only so many episodes into this telenovela so the big plot twist hasn't happened yet, but I'm curious to see what it will be as I can already tell and taking what I've learned from this class, I know that they will eventually break up (probably from his evil stepmother, Angelica) and then end up falling back in love.
Sometimes, I also have difficulty understanding exactly what's going on, because there are no subtitles in English nor Spanish. I can usually read the subtitles if they're in Spanish but sometimes they speak so fast and I've only visited Spain and I talk to my best friend in Spain and I've gotten used to their accents, so sometimes I have trouble. But I can still see and understand the basics of what are going on. After learning about the production of telenovelas and how much time goes into them and all the time that goes into writing the scripts, casting actors, and shooting it, it makes me enjoy it much more especially because they do it so quickly. Also because this telenovela was broadcasted in 1994, a lot of their scenes are often in similar places and a lot of the shots take place outside near Marimar's house, which is on the beach, and Sergio'a mansion. Overall though, I'm excited to keep watching and I'm eager to find out what Angelica does to Marimar and how it'll cause disputes between her and Sergio!

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  1. I agree what you say in your blogs. I am also don't understand what character said in Tevenovela , even though they had English subtitles. Sometimes I have to stop the play and search the words. But the background music are really helping us to understand the basic things such as what is going on? what character is evil or innocent.