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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


When I first signed up for this, I didn't know what to expect because I don't know much about telenovelas. However, I love Spanish and I'm hoping to minor in it, therefore I figured this would be a helpful class. I've never watched any Soap Operas before so I've never known the differences between the two, let alone if there were any so learning the how different they are have really changed my perspectives on the two. About a year ago, I traveled to Spain on an exchange program, which is where my love for Spain and speaking Spanish sprouted. I got super close to my family there, so I went back again this past summer and stayed with them. I loved learning about their culture and way of life and it came to the point where I felt like I was becoming accustomed to their lifestyle. I had made a new group of friends there and in fact my exchange student to this day is one of my best friends and I talk to her almost everyday. I thought watching telenovelas would help improve my Spanish and I thought that it would be interesting to talk to her about them especially because I know she and her family watch them.
When choosing a telenovela to watch and study this semester, I of course went and talked to my Spanish friends about which one they liked and watched. I also asked her not only which ones she liked but I asked her general questions about watching them too. She told me that her favorite telenovela series was "Rebelde" and that her family often watched them together, but her mother and grandma often watched them more together. Their popularity there is much higher than it is and will ever be here. When searching for a telenovela to watch, there were so many and they all seemed to have the same plot about a poor girl falling in love with a rich guy. Therefore I was stuck between "Marimar" "La Usurpadora" "Luz Clarita" and many others. However, I chose to watch Marimar, which is about a poor girl who lives on the beach and one day meets the handsome rich boy and falls in love. He lives with an evil family who won't let him escape and therefore he marries her (poor, uneducated) to make his family even more angry. I think that watching this telenovela will not only improve my Spanish, but will help me form a deeper understanding of telenovelas and why they're so important.

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