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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Learning about the differences between Telenovelas and Soap Operas has really given me a new appreciation and understanding of Telenovelas. One of the things that I have come to really appreciate about Telenovelas is that while they do tell interesting love stories that grab the audience, they also use their platform to address relevant issues. For example, in the Telenovela that I have begun watching, Rebelde Way, one of the issues discussed is the class division present between the students. Because it is set in a private school, there are some kids who come from wealthy families, while other kids, who go there on scholarship, come from a lower socioeconomic level, thus creating conflict between the richer and the poorer kids. This Telenovela is aimed at a younger, teenage demographic and this issue is one that is very relevant at that age, so the fact that there is a show that addresses this issue gives people something to relate to. With American Soap Operas, there are very view issues that are relatable and they do not very frequently address any problems of relevance to the audience, unlike Telenovelas.  

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  1. Different cultures have different way to showing the how special they are.