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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My journey on Telenovela

Every cultural is unique. It always shows the diversity of amazing world. Perhaps the most recent advancement of significance has been“Telenonelas”. I am really glad to enter this space, which I never know them before. What is more, I have never know that Spanish, Nor analysis the most representative popular culture of Telenovelas.

Telenovelas are the TV networks popular among the Latin American Most of the audience may think that the Telenovelas are the TV programmer in Spanish as I heard Telenovelas at the first time. After I got the first Telenovelas class, it is quite different from general soap opera. As a soap opera on television, it needs to follow a script on the below in the television. Every couple in the end would have the happy end or bad end are depends on the writer’s mind. In Telenovelas, the end of the stories almost depends on the audiences, which means that if is does not have the full script, that the story could not follow with the beginning the story would have gone. It may have 10 or more episodes at the first. It is really interesting that when the audience are trying build their own story to cheer themselves. The film producer does in this way; maybe it explains why they become more and more popular in the society.  The methods of interact with the audience. Let lot of ordinary people enter into those stories. It is easier to arouse audience’s personal experiences of life. I found that it is formula to become popular and success: feedback + effective action for feedback=popular and success. Not only showing on the Telenovelas, it gives evidence shows on every product. Letting the customers know they are really caring about their feelings, and do their best to provide the best services on every cents of the pay. Like New Balance always have the page that you could design a pair of shoes for yourself. Every apps update about better services on eBay is basic on the costumers’feedback and so on. Feedback services are would become the much important things on Commercial products.

‘No te tomes la vida en serio, al fin y al cabo no saldrás vivo de ella.’ It is traditional saying in Spanish. It means No one could escape from the life until die, so just accepted it. Watching the Television Programme is the usual performance of accepted life in urban. To amuse and follow the people will become most important things on Telenovelas, and the Telenovelas just improve to us.

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